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Sometimes I think #fediverse is a community of coders...

@Snow I have an MA. But people here interest me.


What is MA?

@Snow Master of Arts, as opposed to an MS, which is a Master of Science, like computer engineering or something. I have a Masters in History.


I am always thinking about how people share the common interest can group each others on fediverse, otherwise they won't stick to #fediverse long time.

@Snow Oh, that's true. if you don't find something interesting, you won't stick around. I guess what I like best about Fedi is that I can find viewpoints that don't get mainstream attention and it gives me a deeper understanding of people and the world.


I see the potential of #fediverse can group the minority groups (like LGBT), but I can't find a proper function to do it as Facebook groups.

@Snow I don't think Fedi has an option to create groups. You could create your own server though with a theme for conversation on that particular instance. Fedi is a little more awkward that way, with having to create multiple accounts.


That is a technical problem…

I think I need a brunch of people who built the whole #activitypub to help…

I asked the same thing to @mewmew before…

@Snow @mewmew Yeah, I'm not a technical person so I wouldn't even know where to start with that. I know there are a lot of different ways to view Fedi content. I suppose something like that could be built if someone wanted to and had the time.

@Snow @starcake I’m trying! I keep searching for #ponies but no one’s there!



I wrote this for function request, please boost it.




I wrote this for function request, please boost it.


@cy @starcake


Boost the post I pinned...not this one.

@Snow @cy @starcake my bad, sorry about that blobcatmeltcry

@Snow It seems to me that many are, or at least computer nerds to some extent. A lot of fedi culture is made of software (and its politics).


I think I am not a computer nerd...