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Seem many people want a function as "Facebook groups" that people from different instances can join... I discussed with them.

I think this is very important for the user stickiness of fediverse, which can group the minority groups (for example, LGBTQIA, gamers of a certain game, etc) without the monitoring and controlling from big enterprises and let them have a space. I agree instances with certain topics share the same function but 1 account can join 1 instance only, I think after people joining Facebook, they won't just join 1 group for 1 account only, right? The most discussed topic is coding on fediverse, but there are many minority groups want a space.

If someone is "bisexual" but not interested about coding, he/she saw almost all of posts on "The Whole Known Network" are about coding and anime, then he/she might leave fediverse because he/she can't find some people he/she can related with.

I am looking the help for people can build this function.

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@Snow To put yourself in a group, add a hashtag to your profile, just at the end or something, like #heterosexual Then when people search for that group, they’ll find you, and you can find them.

Making it more obvious and streamlined in the UI would be super nice though.

Plus we need listing tags by their frequency, so you can pick the right tag for people to find you by, instead of tagging yourself as #lgtbq


Oh, actually the search might be broken… so then we do need someone to add it…


That's not a group as Facebook...

@Snow Well then Facebook is stupid. :p


Then there will be no member list, we need a member list. Let other people know who was interested about the same topic.

@Snow I would love such a function.

Groups are perfect to find people with the same interests.

It is the one feature of Facebook which I miss on other social media.

I am not on Facebook, but I remember how neat that feature is.


Hey there,
may I invite you to the official forum?
There is already a broad ongoing discussion :

Also everybody: Occupy the Conf, no walls ;)


So I can just sign up to that page and reply the topic?


Yes, exactly.


Okay, I posted a reply on there.